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What trusted people think about Pulse-App

“When Pulse-App was piloted at our school, I remember shouting out ‘Awesome’ when I received my first notification. It was really good to be able to receive updates and I liked the fact that my parents were able to support me, because I asked that they be added to the messages sent to me.”

Joseph O, KS4 Student
Bishopsgarth School, Stockton-on-Tees

Cath Leslie has decades of teaching experience and we were thrilled when she agreed to be one of our beta testers for the Pulse-App Software. “In relation to safeguarding, I feel protected when I am using the Pulse-App Software because it is secure and the messages are sent one way.”

Cath Leslie, (Ret.) Head of Faculty
The English Martyrs School & Sixth Form College, Hartlepool

“The Pulse-App product is mature and has been reviewed by ICT industry specialists, forensic and computer science academics at Teesside University and schools around the North East of England. What we have with High Tunstall gives us the opportunity to do so much more and achieve greater functionality.”

Mike Young, CEO
Pulse Technologies NE Ltd.

Why Pulse Technologies?

We’ve taken an innovate approach to help you engage with your whole education community

Instant, structured communication directly to students, parents & employees mobile devices

Bespoke, customisable App and desktop MIS enhance staff and end user experience

Detailed Data Metrics allow you to measure, in real-time, student and parent engagement

Secure, complient end-to-end communication

Integrate with existing MIS’s to automate the process of generating and sending Notice

Remove reliance on email and unsafe social media, and reduce the cost of daily communication

Our Innovations

The App

PulseApp is a pioneering mobile app that allows you to communicate directly with your students, parents and employees.  The app can be customised to reflect your organisations branding, effectively providing you with your own, bespoke mobile app. 

The app is free to download and once users have authenticated themselves, your organisation can push feature-rich notices out to them.

The app is the first link in the Pulse-App software package.

The Software

Pulse Central is an elegant, modern desktop application that allows teachers, managers and administrators to interact with all aspects of the Pulse-App software suite.  Access to features is dependent on user permissions allowing a single package to be used for a variety of different tasks. 

This software is supported by a set of back-end services that can be installed and managed within your organisation – providing you with complete control over and confidence in, the whole communication process. The Software is the second link in the Pulse-App software suite.

The Possibilities

Not only does the Pulse-App software provide you with all the tools needs to communicate effectively with your students, parents and employees in a controlled and monitored fashion, but it also provides you with the ability to automate aspects of the communication process.  This removes the issues related to your staff forgetting to pass on key important information supporting engagement and progress. 

Through a set of easy-to-use API processes, the Pulse-App software can be run with your existing information systems and with client approval, notices can be generated automatically when certain events occur within your organisation.

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