Our DigitalCity SCALE experience

Last year our CEO, Mike Young embarked on a 4 month programme called SCALE in a bid to take time to work on the business aspect of our company.

The programme highlighted that in some respects our approach was quite traditional, whilst our product was extremely innovative. This led to a lot of adjustment, refinement and change – all of which we can say has and is leading us to a much more focused approach to how we undertake internal and external processes.

Here is our video discussing the process.

DfE ICO Data Protection Certification

For over a year we have been regularly updating and submitting our self-certification document to the Department for Education Information Commissioners Officer in a bid to ensure that we are always in keeping with our commitment to ensuring the relevance and compliance of Pulse-App in readiness for the changes that are to be enforced from May 25th 2018.

Our product has been scruitinised by professional school ICT independent service providers, schools and more recently Teesside University had academics from their Digital Forensics and Computer Science Faculty’s put our product through its paces. It was approved by all parties aforementioned and we are delighted to be able to say that our product will support the delivery of safe, secure and compliant messages to all members of your education community.

For more information please feel free to review our DfE ICO Data Protection document here or contact mike@pulsetechnologies.co.uk.

SCALE – A lesson in resilience….

We had a great time discussing IP today with RTC North through the Digital City SCALE programme.
Today we had a patent solicitor bring about some fantastic information around the areas of intellectual property. A lot of this will be waded through again by our CEO – Mike Young and a further blog on that will follow.

As part of the afternoon we listened to CEO of Wilton Group – Bill Scott, who shared his journey through the highs, lows and highs again of starting and running his amazing Teesside engineering company.

I class myself as a person who takes problems and finds solutions. It doesn’t really matter if the solution comes out of an unseen and negative need – you just get your brain in gear and find a solution. Our company doesn’t deal in the production of regular products, therefore our contracts can be longer term and require lots of thought.

The key to his talk for me was that he saw all businesses as being ‘the same’ in terms of the sell. You just need to sell your product or service, with my key takeaway being that you need to get to the people who make the buying decisions and build a relationship. People still buy people and our aim now is to become a company that supplies the best experience of service and product but one that also embraces it’s own employees to ensure that working with PulseTech is a great decision all round.

It was also a great talk about consolidating your position – even if the decisions you make cause real hardship for your employees. His advice was to:

Ensure that you are ready to make the hard decisions in order to secure your position in the future. Everything you do should be about getting back to growth.

Bill gave huge inspiration to our CEO today and we encourage you to follow Wilton Group by visiting their website, www.wiltonengineering.co.uk where you will find information about their current and upcoming products.

For further information about Pulse-App – our secure communications software for school’s, please visit www.pulsetechnologies.co.uk.


SCALE – How to Grow by Disrupting Digital…

Our CEO – Mike Young – has been attending the Digital City SCALE programme over the last two months and so far his reports have been extremely positive.

“At first, with programmes like this – ones that appear to be an essential part of a quasi European and Government public sector target to show they are ‘doing their job’ for businesses – it is easy to be wary, cynical or even that it is destined to be a waste of time. However, through our amazing engagement with Digital City over the last six months, their support which led to guidance from Simon Nicholson from MetisCube and then further encouragement to join SCALE, I could not speak more highly of the programme.”

SCALE is a training programme that aims to assist digital and technology based businesses to take their products and/or services to the next level of customer engagement and therefore widen their scope of impact within their respective markets. Leo Gillen our COO is very passionate about seeing our company – Pulse Technologies NE Ltd., reach its full potential.

We have worked so hard as a company to bring about a software and application solution that is hardcoded, secure and 100% monitored to the education market. The truth is that even though our CTO Mike Collins and CEO Mike Young along with two other colleagues work in that environment, it has been extremely challenging to both engage with and encourage schools and colleges to take a leap of faith and buy our Pulse-App solution. We therefore knew that it would be essential to fine tune our collective knowledge and expertise to further understand the ways in which our company is received by our target market.”

What has been clear from the outset and in particularly through our CEOs interactions with keynote speakers following their presentations is that what we have on offer is of great use and that we must look to ways in which we can stimulate the conversation and then disrupt the digital thought processes and behaviours of our target customers.

As Andrew Grill – Global Managing Partner at IBM said in his presentation at the inaugural gathering of SCALE back in September 2017,

“Since the year 2000 52% of the fortune 500 have been destroyed through digital disruption!”

This got us to thinking less about the potential stalling nature of our business, almost in an aplologetic sense, which was almost making us fearful of introducing our digital product into an often quite traditional market place in terms of structure and more about how we should be, with everything we have, pushing our message into schools and colleges about how amazing our product is at solving very clear communication issues and needs on a backdrop of ever increasing monitoring, data protection and in that sense people protecting nature of the state.

It was clear from Andrew’s presentation and my subsequent one to one with him that we had focused a great deal of energy on how not to force our way in to our customers line of sight almost from a fear of offending or disturbing them from their day-to-day. Really we should be putting 100% of our marketing and sales energy into disrupting the education market and in particular safe communication with students, parents, carers, employees and governors. And that we should be doing this in a way that establishes a) that we are delivery something that is relevant, secure and compliant in terms of the future proofing needs of organisations – not least in relation to the GDRP 2018 (new data protection legislation), and b) we understand that there is a need for educators to be able to further their impact to their learners that brings out even better results for the next generation of leaders and world changers.”

With that focus, Pulse Technologies NE Ltd., in its own way, wants to bring about a whole load of digital disruption to the education communication market place. To that effect, we invite schools, colleges and universities to get in touch to find out what the new wave of secure, monitored and cost effective method of whole education community information distribution looks like. We’d like you to meet – Pulse-App.

For more information about SCALE follow:



Save admin time on absent students

Our app allows you to pass the responsibility of lateness or absenteeism back to the students themselves, with the support of their parents. Pulse-App will let you send group notices direct to mobile phones or tablets for free and encourages parents to get in touch with the school to inform of reasons for absence. A message could read:

Dear parent, we note that your child is absent from school. Could you please call the school on 01234 567890 to inform us of the reason for absence. Please do not ignore this message, we would appreciate a phone call before 9.15am.

We think that this will be a very strong money saving option that also strengthens the impact in supporting students toward greater attendance levels.

Change of classroom

So, I’m sat at the beginning of a Monday morning. Its raining and I am not at my most motivated! Next week is half-term break, but even that feels like a very long way off.

The first order of business today is to work with a year 11 student, helping him with some bits and pieces of coursework completion and general revision support for his Computing GCSE, and then it hits me…

I’m meant to be teaching year 8s in another classroom during the morning and I haven’t let them know there is a need for them to be in my computer room.

With PulseApp, that would be easy! In less time than it takes to stew over the best solution, I would have sent a push notification to the whole class concerned via their smartphones and would not be in the position I am now, which will involve me printing a sign, walking across to the other side of school and tacking it to the door.

So Monday has started in the way most Mondays do! PulseApp would have been a huge help and its not even 8.45am!

Mike Young
PulseTech CEO

Welcome to the Pulse Technologies NE Ltd blog.

Here you will find examples of key updates, real life scenarios and generally how our software supports education providers.

It’s fair to say that this software has been a labour of love, set out to solve problems and frustrations our own team – who are largely educators – face on a daily basis.

We hope you enjoy your time reading our blog and the wider content here on our website.

Planner Check

One of the more tedious things that you see in school settings, is the need for form tutors and heads of year or house having to sign off students’ planners.

It is quite a bizarre process whereby every student has to have their parent, form teacher and head of house check whether students are utilising and bringing this document to school and using it to its fullest potential.

With PulseApp, there is no need to carry such a document around, nor is it necessary to have anything signed or checked. The application does everything, and more, of what a planner does and it would be of huge interest to school’s who are looking to save time and effort in all areas and also integrate a smooth transition in to a Bring Your Own Device Policy (BYOD).

For more information, please contact mike@pulsetechnologies.co.uk or call 01429 812312.

Homework reminders and alerts

At this time of year, you are always concerned about the progress of coursework and assessments regarding year 11 students as they look towards their GCSEs and more importantly, what the outcome of exams will mean for their future. There’s a lot to consider as an educator in terms of how well you are supporting learners, are you trying to create a ‘one-size-fits-all’ method of teaching? Is time running out – particularly for those who have not kept up with their work and are simply disorganised?

All of this amounts to certain degree of pressure and ultimately a stressful situation between now and the end of the academic year.

PulseApp is the answer to much of the problem. Simply put, I can contact all my students, whether as a class group, year group or most importantly to me individually and give them the support they need. The best bit of this system however is its impact on productivity. It is completely proactive – instant! The administration software sits on my computer and the students have all got apps on their mobile devices. They have been incentivised because it allows students to use their smartphones and/or tablets in school and essentially keeps them up-to-date with every aspect of what’s happening in the education community.

How is it instant?

The system works with push notification technology. Lets say that I have set some homework on a Wednesday and that it is due for hand in on the following Monday (the next time I see them). I can set up notifications in advance so that they will get instant reminders to their phone or tablet. So, my year 11 ICT classes are to complete their research for a final unit. After lunch, their phone beeps, they look and an alert has landed on their phone indicating that tomorrow their research work is to be handed in. If they had forgotten, it has just given them an immediate reminder about completion. They have time to complete their work without stress or worry.

To receive more information about PulseApp including prices and a demonstration, contact mike@pulsetechnologies.co.uk or +44 (0) 1429 812 312.