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I’ve been working in education for a number of years, and in my current placement have had the privilege to work with students in Teesside who are some of the most friendly and inspiring characters you are likely to meet.

Particularly in year 11, I have found students who, without having much to inspire them, have worked to try and ensure they achieve the best grades in their exams.

That said, the life of an educator can be incredibly frustrating! There are a number of reasons why, not least the pressures that come from ensuring all boxes are ticked regarding the overall teaching and learning within a school. But what really draws energy, is the distinct lack of communication power you have, as a teacher, with students.

The concept of PulseApp has grown over the last fifteen months and we find ourselves in an amazing position whereby we want to pilot our ground breaking technology in schools and colleges across the UK. The main inspiration for our efforts was, that, as educators, we want to be able to have direct access to students in an appropriate way and to be able to communicate, mainly through reminders, students, about the many and varied snippets of information that they need to know and it is essential for us to deliver.

We want to make life easier, better and more efficient! Help us to help you!

If you would like more information about what we’re doing or would like to be a pilot provider, please get in touch with me by calling +44 (0) 1429 812 312 or email mike@pulsetechnologies.co.uk.

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