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At this time of year, you are always concerned about the progress of coursework and assessments regarding year 11 students as they look towards their GCSEs and more importantly, what the outcome of exams will mean for their future. There’s a lot to consider as an educator in terms of how well you are supporting learners, are you trying to create a ‘one-size-fits-all’ method of teaching? Is time running out – particularly for those who have not kept up with their work and are simply disorganised?

All of this amounts to certain degree of pressure and ultimately a stressful situation between now and the end of the academic year.

PulseApp is the answer to much of the problem. Simply put, I can contact all my students, whether as a class group, year group or most importantly to me individually and give them the support they need. The best bit of this system however is its impact on productivity. It is completely proactive – instant! The administration software sits on my computer and the students have all got apps on their mobile devices. They have been incentivised because it allows students to use their smartphones and/or tablets in school and essentially keeps them up-to-date with every aspect of what’s happening in the education community.

How is it instant?

The system works with push notification technology. Lets say that I have set some homework on a Wednesday and that it is due for hand in on the following Monday (the next time I see them). I can set up notifications in advance so that they will get instant reminders to their phone or tablet. So, my year 11 ICT classes are to complete their research for a final unit. After lunch, their phone beeps, they look and an alert has landed on their phone indicating that tomorrow their research work is to be handed in. If they had forgotten, it has just given them an immediate reminder about completion. They have time to complete their work without stress or worry.

To receive more information about PulseApp including prices and a demonstration, contact mike@pulsetechnologies.co.uk or +44 (0) 1429 812 312.

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