Change of classroom

So, I’m sat at the beginning of a Monday morning. Its raining and I am not at my most motivated! Next week is half-term break, but even that feels like a very long way off.

The first order of business today is to work with a year 11 student, helping him with some bits and pieces of coursework completion and general revision support for his Computing GCSE, and then it hits me…

I’m meant to be teaching year 8s in another classroom during the morning and I haven’t let them know there is a need for them to be in my computer room.

With PulseApp, that would be easy! In less time than it takes to stew over the best solution, I would have sent a push notification to the whole class concerned via their smartphones and would not be in the position I am now, which will involve me printing a sign, walking across to the other side of school and tacking it to the door.

So Monday has started in the way most Mondays do! PulseApp would have been a huge help and its not even 8.45am!

Mike Young
PulseTech CEO

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