SCALE – A lesson in resilience….

We had a great time discussing IP today with RTC North through the Digital City SCALE programme.
Today we had a patent solicitor bring about some fantastic information around the areas of intellectual property. A lot of this will be waded through again by our CEO – Mike Young and a further blog on that will follow.

As part of the afternoon we listened to CEO of Wilton Group – Bill Scott, who shared his journey through the highs, lows and highs again of starting and running his amazing Teesside engineering company.

I class myself as a person who takes problems and finds solutions. It doesn’t really matter if the solution comes out of an unseen and negative need – you just get your brain in gear and find a solution. Our company doesn’t deal in the production of regular products, therefore our contracts can be longer term and require lots of thought.

The key to his talk for me was that he saw all businesses as being ‘the same’ in terms of the sell. You just need to sell your product or service, with my key takeaway being that you need to get to the people who make the buying decisions and build a relationship. People still buy people and our aim now is to become a company that supplies the best experience of service and product but one that also embraces it’s own employees to ensure that working with PulseTech is a great decision all round.

It was also a great talk about consolidating your position – even if the decisions you make cause real hardship for your employees. His advice was to:

Ensure that you are ready to make the hard decisions in order to secure your position in the future. Everything you do should be about getting back to growth.

Bill gave huge inspiration to our CEO today and we encourage you to follow Wilton Group by visiting their website, where you will find information about their current and upcoming products.

For further information about Pulse-App – our secure communications software for school’s, please visit


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