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We are a team of dedicated professionals, ready to do what ever it takes to develop software that helps make your business grow

Mike Young

Founding Director & Chief Executive Officer

Mike is the CEO of Pulse Tech and has years of project management, sales, regeneration and commercial experience. Mike is responsible for day to day company running and client care.

With a background in human resources, teacher of paralegal courses and secondary computer science teaching, computing, property development and regeneration, Mike has been involved in major project management roles throughout his career, often working with budgets well into the millions of pounds. With this experience and knowlede, Mike is bringing a very specific set of skills that enable Orbal-Tech to become a very key player in the technology industry.

"I enjoy sport, mostly from a spectators view but have had a lot of experience supporting athletes in their roles, often internationally. I have a very keen interest in music and once sang on a film that won an Oscar for its soundtrack."

Mike Collins

Founding Director & Chief Technology Officer

Mike is a Computer Science lecturer and focuses on software and application development outside of this role. He has a strong background in technology development and hardware/software systems programming. Mike brings with him many years of experience and drives all aspects within Pulse Tech.

"Outside of work I get involved in all things extreme! I am an outdoors person and spend time walking, rock climbing and anything that involves an adrenaline rush! I have been involved in technology and software development for over 20 years, so setting up Pulse Tech and developing our new technology has been both challenging and rewarding."

Leo Gillen

Director & Chief Financial Officer

Leo is the Head of Operations working within his family business as Head of Operations, the activities of which can be traced back to the 1950s. The experience brought to the company by Leo focuses around contracting, marketing, sales, growth and wider scalability. Leo has looked at our model of operation, tested products we have produced and has been impressed that he has come on board as a Director, Chief Operations Officer. He brings his vast experience of running the property portfolio for his company, as well as being the operator of the successful free-range chicken farm, purpose built Golden Lion public house, restaurant and events venue and a range of other establishments within the company portfolio.

"I have a very diverse list of hobbies ranging from triathlon to politics and game shooting to fine dining. Pulse gives me a very new challenge, one that I have embraced wholeheartedly."

David Taylor

Director & Chief Marketing Officer

David started work in broadcast television as an independent producer with ITV in 1995.
He wrote and produced a Documentary Series of ‘Running Stories’ for Tyne Tees Television, two of which won major awards.

David has worked over the years in Factual Television, producing television programmes for the UK and USA. He has also lectured in Journalism, Film, and Media at universities and colleges, and has written and delivered commercial courses on scriptwriting.

Leo Gillen

Director & Chief Operations Officer

Leo Gillen Snr has been involved in significant commercial transactions across an extremely long and successful career.
From sitting on key strategic business forums to supporting key property development projects as well as successful leisure based service and more recently setting up and running a brand new professional newspaper, Leo brings us a vast array of skills that support our software development sales aspirations.

Indeed, our very first customer was as a result of a lead from Leo and we are now on our way to establishing a solid client base due to this sale taking place.

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Maurice Whelan

Systems & Database Manager

Maurice is an expert with a full career’s worth of experience. Focussing on the database design, and in the case of PulseApp, using his vast education database experience to ensure the new app functions seamlessly with each education institution customer.

"I’m a retired college lecturer with over 35 years of experience in education. I spend my spare time doing landscape photography, and making marquetry pictures. I also spend time keeping fit so that I can keep up with my grandchildren!"

Martin Cottrell

Server Systems Integration Manager

Martin has worked in the delivery of intranet and web based server networks and systems for his whole career. Currently working with Pulse Tech, Martin ensures integral connectivity across secure networks and the internet take place smoothly, quickly and effectively. Known as a troublemaker - I mean troubleshooter, Martin helps with all planning and testing of systems that we use, ensuring that a logical route is found that is both efficient and best value.

"I enjoy spending time repairing, building and maintaining computer systems and servers. In my spare time I enjoy documentaries and spending time with my family and friends, some who share my passion for all things computing."

Abanoab Saad

Software & App Developer

Aba is a programmer who brings his recent education experience as an existing university student to the work we do and matches this to his up-to-date knowledge of the latest development trends. Aba is also involved in system graphic design as part of the programming of software and applications. He is also a key person in terms of ensuring the feel and look of the product meets students’ standards.

"I have a very creative interest in mobile app development and outside of this, my hobbies are linked to travelling and outdoor activities including cycling, walking and climbing."