The App

PulseApp is a pioneering mobile app that allows your whole education community to receive communications. PulseApp can be customised to reflect your organisations branding, effectively providing you with your own, bespoke mobile app.  

PulseApp is free to download and once users have authenticated themselves, your organisation can push feature-rich notices out to them.  

PulseApp is the first link in the Pulse-App software package.



PulseApp is simple and easy to use:

  • download the app from the relevant app-store for free
  • enter your credentials and connect directly to your (or your child’s) school or college
  • once connected, you can tap the centre circle to check for and download your notices
  • receive push-notifications automatically to let you know you have new notices to read
  • all information is categorised to avoid clutter and confusion
  • you can set alerts to remind you of important dates and events
  • you can have multiple accounts and/or use multiple devices
  • the app is branded to your school or college and they can change this branding if they run specific campaigns
  • you can see important information about your school/college including useful links to contact them
  • students can record their timetables so they never forget or lose it
  • important information can be shared to your social media streams
  • completely advertisement free – guaranteed
  • no confidential data is shared or accessible by anyone outside of the school or college

Download it for free, right here:

 Download on the App Store Get it on Google Play


Notifications are the core feature of PulseApp:

  • once installed and running, you will receive push-notifications immediately to inform you of new notices
  • tapping on a push notification will automatically download all the new notices
  • you can also tap on the centre circle to check for and download new notices at any point
  • notices can contain a variety of information including a message, image, event date, additional web link and who sent the message
  • parents can be sent their own notices or can automatically receive duplicate notices that have been sent to their children – a great way to stay informed about what your child has to do or what they have achieved
  • notices are automatically categorised so you can quickly and easily see what they relate to
  • new, unread notices are indicated by a red-dot in the top right-hand corner of an icon
  • alerts can be set so that you are reminded of important events
  • notices can be deleted quickly using a “fingerswipe-to-delete
  • notices can be easily re-downloaded if lost
  • notices are stored on the school or colleges computers – nothing is circulated “in-the-cloud


Categories are one of the features that make PulseApp so effective:

  • downloaded notices are automatically placed in the correct category – this removes clutter and confussion and lets you see instantly when you have new notices
  • there are four top-level categories, each with sub-categories:
    • News
      • News
      • Bulletins
    • Timetable
      • Actual timetable
      • Lesson changes
    • Reminders
      • Homework
      • Learning Plans
      • Exams
    • Others
  • a red-dot appears over categories that have unread Notices
  • notices within a category are shown in a list with icons that change depending on if they have been read
  • tapping a notice will display its full details


Alerts are a great way of reminding students and parents of important information.  We know how busy everyone is nowadays and it is easy to overlook or forget key information:

  • from the notice details page, alerts can be created quickly and easily
  • alerts can include all the original information from a Notice and/or additional personal reminders
  • users can decide when they want to be alerted
  • a list of all reminders can be viewed – those that are pending are shown with a red icon, those that have passed are shown with a green icon
  • alerts can be quickly changed or cancelled
  • users are shown alerts in an unobtrusive manner
  • teachers can set alerts so students are reminded at a convenient time about items of homework, events or planned enrichment activities
  • school administrators can set alerts to remind students about important dates such as exams
  • parents and teachers can set alerts to remind themselves of important events such as sports days and consultation evenings


User Accounts are how we ensure that information gets to the right person and is not accessible by others. One of our original goals when creating PulseApp was to avoid students and parents having to remember another set of login details and having to spend time configuring the app.  PulseApp addresses this in a variety of different ways:

  • no configuration information is needed – students and parents can connect to their school or college automatically using a simple 5-digit code
  • organisations can set up their Pulse-App software so students can logon using their normal Windows account details (LDAP)
  • once students and parents have entered their credentials, they will not be prompted for them again – PulseApp automatically logs you one each time you use it
  • users can install and use PulseApp on multiple devices, so students can have the app on their phone and tablet – accounts are syncronised automatically
  • users can have multiple accounts on one device – parents may have children at different schools and each school may be using PulseApp
  • multiple accounts are comprehensively handled – clicking on push-notifications will always open and log on to the correct account
  • where multiple accounts are being used, users will be presented with a list of accounts to pick from 
  • users can easily manage their accounts, change their passwords and if necessary, delete their accounts