How Pulse-App helps you

Communication without Limitation

  • Send unlimited notices with zero send cost
  • Engage users with feature-rich notices
  • Instantly notify users of important information
  • Remind users with automatic alerts
  • Reduce reliance on email
  • Removal of social media use

Measurable Engagement

  • Measure, in real-time, your notice propagation
  • Assess staff, student and parent engagement
  • Track staff, student and parent interaction
  • Be assured of Data Protection
  • Report on individual data transactions for audit
  • Monitor every system interaction within the software

Instant, structured communication directly to student, parent and employee mobile devices

A comprehensive software solution that allows you to push information directly to student, parent and employee mobile devices.

  • Notices can include a variety of different content including titles/descriptions, thumbnail images, URLs and reminders/auto alerts
  • Notices are compartmentalised using 7 different categories so that users can easily identify important and pertinent information
  • Categories are mirrored on the app allowing ease of access and a sense of order
  • Notices can be published with Remote Push Notifications, which are sent immediately and directly to the users’ mobile devices
  • Notices can be automatically sent to a students parents without any additional work. One notice to all, as appropriate.
  • Notices are stored within your organisation; the users app communicates directly with your organisation and is secured using asymmetric RSA encryption. 
  • Nothing confidential is ever broadcast openly over the Internet

Bespoke, customisable app and desktop MIS software enhances staff, student and parent experience

A fully featured desktop application with complete back-end services and customisable iOS and Android apps allow you to manage, control and gauge all aspects of communication between your organisation and your whole education community.

  • A modern, elegant desktop application provides your staff, managers and administrators with a complete and intuitive MIS for interacting with all aspects of Pulse-App
  • Windows®-based desktop application – no slow, clunky, browser-dependent web applications, true and well built secure software
  • Licensing is based on active users and not the number of notices that you send (these are free); and can be instantly extended to accommodate your needs
  • Users download the app for free from both Apple iTunes and Google Play Stores
  • Should the need exist for a Windows® app, this can be arranged
  • Users can register multiple devices against an account, multiple accounts against a device, or both; notices are synchronised across all devices and accounts
  • A feature rich app allows users to manage their notices by automatically categorising them on separate pages; Users can set reminders and re-broadcast notices to social media streams and set alerts themselves within the app itself, further enhancing engagement and ultimately learning progress
  • Apps are customised to include your organisations branding
  • Flexible and structured back-end services can be located and maintained within your organisation providing complete control and management all aspects of Pulse-App

Detailed Data Metrics allow you to measure, in real-time, student, parent and employee engagement

Simple, easy to use Data Metric reports allow managers to assess and report how staff are communicating with all users, the many ways and regularity with which students, parents and employees are engaging with your communications.

  • All aspects of user interaction with Pulse-App are logged, instantly, in detailed event logs – securely
  • Core Data Metric reports allow managers to examine and summarise event logged data in order to assess how staff, students and parents are engaging with Pulse-App
  • All reports provide a variety of simple, instant filters, including reporting by notices sent, notices received and notices sent vs. notices received
  • Reports are presented as both graphs and tabulated data and can be exported in a variety of different formats
  • Campaigns and promotions can be tracked and assessed with the option to extrapolate trends
  • Traditional methods of communication such as SMS and email, do not provide this level of scrutiny nor immediacy of information

Secure, Compliant End-to-End Communication

Pulse-App provides a level of security and scrutiny that other communication systems lack

  • Access to all software and app systems are controlled by user authentication
  • A variety of different authentication methods can be applied, including password-based Pulse-managed accounts and if you wish, LDAP authentication
  • Five simple user levels can be applied to accounts based on a hierarchy of permissions within the Pulse Central software
  • Passwords are stored in hashed form to provide additional levels of protection
  • Communication between front and back-end services are secured using symmetric and asymmetric encrypted systems
  • Data is stored in industry standard MS SQL databases, which allows for complete encryption of all levels of information
  • Remote Push Notifications are generic and do not include confidential information, regardless of what has been published in the actual notice
  • All interaction and activity is logged in a comprehensive event log
  • Communication is one directional – parents, students and employees cannot comment/respond to notices, deliberately and directly reducing potential safeguarding issues
  • All data is maintained within your organisation allowing for compliance with current data protection legislation
  • DfE compliant cloud based systems exist, with direct certification for our software being held with the Information Commissioner’s Office (ICO)

Integrate with existing MISs to automate the process of generating and sending notices

A simple to use set of database APIs allow 3rd-party systems to interact with Pulse-App to automatically generate and send notices in response to a variety of different situations.

  • Backend systems are designed to respond and automatically process all information stored in the Pulse-App MS SQL database
  • APIs, based on database stored procedures allow easy and simple integration with existing database-drive systems such as MISs
  • APIs allow notices to be automatically generated and sent in response to changes in other database systems removing the need for staff to send them streamlining processes and therefore removing work
  • All automation is logged as if it were generated by a normal user within the system log

Reduce reliance on email and remove unsafe social media use, whilst reducing the cost of daily communications

Too many organisations are relying on social media to communicate with their customers.  Social media has its place but it is not suitable for any direct or confidention communication with individuals.  Alternative methods of communication, such as SMS and email are proven to add cost or are not measureable.

  • Social media is not suitable for communication with individuals and presents key safeguarding issues – potentially placing staff in compromising situations
  • Research has shown that students do not respond well when engaged and communicated with over social media – they find it an intrusion into their personal space
  • Other cloud/internet-based communication systems do not guarantee where your data will be stored and this presents complex data protection issues
  • SMS text messaging have direct costs connected to each message that you send. Pulse-App is licensed base on the number of users you have – you are able to send as many notices as you like, with zero cost

Users have become desensitised to email and often find the huge number of emails that they receive overwhelming. There is also a requirement for users to actually physically check their emails in order for communication to occur. How do you accurately measure the exposure of an email?

Pulse-App addresses this by compartmentalising your communications. Notices are automatically placed in categories depending on what they relate to.  The user can see instantly when they have new notices and from the category, what they pertain to.  Remote Push Notifications allow you to instantly inform users that they have pending Notices. And the employee, through Pulse Central can see instantly who has read a sent message through our star system.