One Software, Two Options

We understand that all organisations are different and each has their own requirements and needs. To support this diversity, the Pulse-App software can be licensed in a number of different ways, depending on how much control and set-up you want. PulseSolo and PulseCloud are our main license models. Please read on to find out what these options mean for you and your organisation.


PulseSolo gives you maximum control over all aspects of the Pulse-App software.  We supply you with the necessary back-end software services and databases and your ICT Manager with help and support as required, install them on your organisations systems.  You have total control of the software system and the databases that drive them.

This option is ideal if you want maximum control and the ability to automate the process of publishing notices.  It is also more cost effective, as you are not paying for external cloud based storage, but equally, you are responsible for maintenance and updates. Finally as all data is maintained within your organisation you are fully responsible for all Data Protection considerations. All training is offered as standard for your staff, students and if required, parents.


PulseCloud allows you to take advantage of our dedicated cloud server storage.  With this option, we provide you with an individual Microsoft Azure server that we have pre-installed and configured the whole Pulse-App system on.  Our Azure servers are provided by Microsoft with the assurance that all data is maintained within the EU (a key factor in Data Protection legislation).

This option is ideal for smaller organisations who may outsource the ICT management of their internal computer systems, or those who want to get up and running quickly. This option is also very scalable as both licensing and resources can be quickly adjusted. It is also ideal for help and support, although we will never access your data unless you give us clearance in instances of problems, support and maintenance.


Primary£1,499 + VAT – total price for 3 years£1,799 + VAT – total price for 3 years
Secondary£1,999 + VAT – total price for 3 years£2,299 + VAT – total price for 3 years
Colleges£2,499 + VAT – total price for 3 years£2,799 + VAT – total price for 3 years
Universities£2,999 + VAT – total price for 3 years£3,299 + VAT – total price for 3 years

Outside your price range?

If you think Pulse-App is too costly for your organisation, please get in touch. We genuinely value and support the hard work of teachers, schools and colleges and want to help you in your work. We are confident that Pulse-App will pay for itself in the savings that you will make both directly and indirectly. We can help direct you towards the most suitable package and in some special cases provide discount.


Free iOS and Android App, with zero in-app advertisingYes Yes
Unlimited number of notifications, at zero cost per noticeYes Yes
Ability to customise App to meet your organisations brandingYes Yes
Ability to publish useful links, including phone numbers, emails addresses, geo-location information and websitesYes Yes
Ability to send feature-rich Notices with a variety of different contentYes Yes
Notification Categories reduce information overloadYes Yes
Users may set reminders to alert them of important eventsYes Yes
Automatic reward points to promote user engagement YesYes
Record individual timetablesYes Yes
Engage with Parents automaticallyYes Yes
Multiple Accounts, one AppYes Yes
Pulse Managed User AccountsYes Yes
Allow LDAP authenticationYes No
Fully functional Desktop application that can be installed on any number of computers, regardless of site licenseYes Yes
Single Desktop Application that provides access for Administrators, Managers and StaffYes Yes
Intuitive User InterfaceYes Yes
Publish a variety of different, feature-rich NotificationsYes Yes
Set Reminders automatically, to alert students and parents of important eventsYes Yes
Send Notices with additional Push-NotificationsYes Yes
Set Notices to be published in the futureYes Yes
Allow staff to assess engagementYes Yes
Comprehensive System Event LoggingYes Yes
Dedicated Notice LoggingYes Yes
Simple to use Data Metric’s to allow complete assessment of engagementYes Yes
Fast and Effective Data Import WizardYes Yes
Pulse Managed User accountsYes Yes
Allow LDAP authenticationYes No
Back-End Services
Dedicated in-house, back-end servicesYes No
Secure, encrypted data communicationsYes Yes
Notification Automation through APIsComing Soon No
MIS IntegrationComing Soon No
Complete control over back-end DatabasesYes No
Responsibility for maintaining and updating systemsYesNo
Automatic Licensing updatesYes Yes
Data Protection Considerations
Data Protection/GDPR obligationsYes Yes
Department for Education (DfE) Compliant, certification held with the Information Commissioner’s Office (ICO) – GDPRYes Yes

Terms of Purchase

Once you have agreed to sign up with us, we will send you a proforma invoice for your preferred term of contract, minimum 3 year rolling.

The terms of this agreement are as follows:

You will receive 14 days within which to cancel your order from the date of signed contract. In this time, we will arrange the documentation and links to all systems for installation. Following installation, we will arrange training with your staff, students and if required, parents and carers. The contract charge must be paid within 7 days of the contract signature. None of the work regarding installation will take place before the contract value is paid in full.