New Silksworth Academy, Sunderland

We were excited to be a partner of New Silksworth Academy, an Extol Academy Trust school in order to develop our software across two terms. We worked with their superb team, led by headteacher Mrs Emma Robins to further learn how our Pulse-App software solution would behave in a real life situation. We worked closely with the academy and their IT support services provider – OneIT SS to install, supply training and find out how our solution would behave. The findings were extremely useful and we will be ready with a new updated version of our software by April 2018.

“We are extremely grateful to Emma and her skilled staff team for allowing us to access their school systems and for their excellent staff, who assisted us in progressing our software to a new level. There were a great deal of lessons to be learned and we could not have developed our software to the position it is without their patience, help and real life environment.” 

Mike Young, CEO
Pulse Technologies NE Ltd.


Our Client

New Silksworth Academy is part of the hugely successful Extol Trust and their headteacher, Mrs Emma Robins wanted to see meaningful use of technology throughout the academy to reinforce learning opportunities, and where possible the engagement of the wider community. This academy is embarking on a brand new future and we are extremely excited to be supporting their aspirations.

Our Task

Secure, monitored and protected communication with parents

The Chief Executive of Extol Academy Trust, Mrs Julie Deville has been very clear that parent engagement through safe communication is an extremely important and needed function for all academies within the trust. Our task has been very clearly defined as the secure engagement through effective monitoring, communications between teachers and parents. The Pulse-App Software allows secure and monitored push notifications to be sent one-way, which gives immediate and protected messages to individual parents of indeed groups of parents.

Team involved

Our team

We have used four of our key team to ensure the effective installation and training of the Pulse-App Software within New Silksworth Academy:

Mike Young – CEO
Mike Collins – CTO
Leo Gillen – COO
Martin Cottrell – Systems Manager
Maurice Whelan – Database Manager

The work has been completed and was launched in the Autumn Term 2017.